Professional Translation

We provide reliable and accurate translations of both Japanese and French documents into English in a variety of fields and industries ranging from legal and business documents, to medical and financial texts. Our small but experienced team of linguists will be able to handle most client requirements. If we cannot help directly we will be able to recommend a trusted industry colleague from our network of translators.

Our turnaround varies, but on an average day one of our linguists should be able to handle around 3000 Japanese characters or French words. The longer the deadline the better for our team but if you are in a rush we can turn things around in under 24 hours – depending on the complexity and volume of the document. Please bear in mind that a higher rate may be chargeable for high-priority technical work or rushed job requests.

The legibility of the document is also a factor. The “cleaner” the document the easier and therefore the sooner we can return the translation.

Technical Translation

Technical translation requires in-depth knowledge of specific industry terminology and our team is proud to boast knowledge in the following fields.

The fields we work in include but are not limited to:

*Medical (haemophilia drugs testing, audits for Osaka Hospital, diabetes)

*Automotive (marketing materials, and graphic identity for carriers)

*Real estate (sales transactions, estate inheritance, lettings agreements/terms)

*Finance (financial audits “短信”, ER reports, shipping brokerage documents)

* Tourism (pamphlets, guide books, agencies’ travel surveys, reviews, websites)

* Other (family registers, death and marriage certificates, bank letters, affidavits etc)

The cost for technical translation is usually higher than general texts owing to the complexity of the document, as well as the time required translating and proofreading.  Also, some shorter documents may be quoted on a minimum fee basis. Please contact us, to find out more. 

Accuracy matters - More than in any field of translation, accuracy counts most for technical documents. Technical jargon is very specific and has a correct or incorrect equivalent, which is open to very little interpretation. This is particularly evident when it comes to medical translation where the difference between correct or incorrect understanding of the source text can mean the difference between a patient receiving proper or improper treatment, or clinical reports and trials being misinterpreted. For these texts, we strongly recommend having a proof-reader double check the translation.

Get in touch if you have a technical document which needs translating


Translation Memory

We use translation memory wherever possible to maintain consistency and accuracy within the document. SDL Trados and memoQ help keep translations accurate and the terminology used consistent. Translation memory is especially useful for technical documents where there are a number of repetitions and originality is of minimal importance. However there are cases where a document cannot be parsed suitably into the software. If the text is not clearly legible, so that the built in OCR (optical character recognition) software cannot work its magic, for instance. Or in such cases where one can argued that the document won’t benefit from being translated using software. Most creative texts fall under this category. Literary works, manga, marketing material in some cases, will sound stilted and often jar when a machine is involved in the translation process.

Find out about more about SDL Trados here