TRANSLATION of texts from Japanese and French into English.

PROOFREADING of texts written in English or translated from Japanese or French.

LOCALISATION of video game text or manuals from Japanese, adapting them to British/American English.

SUBTITLING/AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION of interviews, documentaries, films and any other audio-visual media in Japanese or French.

How much do you charge?
The cost of translating Japanese is calculated by the total number of characters (moji) in the source text, for French this is calculated by the source text word count. A non-technical translation with a flexible deadline will cost less than a technical document which needs to be completed ASAP. 

However, you can expect to pay between £70 and £90 per 1000 Japanese characters, £70 to £80 per 1000 French words and I usually charge for proofreading by the hour. If you require subtitling or audio transcription this is charged per audio minute. 

Please note that I have a minimum fee of £40 for short jobs.

I can accept PayPal payments or bank transfers. Payment is due on delivery for new clients or in advance on large projects. After the initial collaboration, payment after 30 days is fine.

For a free, no obligation quote please click here.

How about agencies?
Agencies are extremely useful for large volume projects containing hundreds of thousands of characters or words, where multiple translators/vendors will be needed. However, for smaller projects, in the 10,000 to 30,000 character range (or 20,000 words in French) for example, hiring an agency adds little value.
Agencies tend to charge more for the simple reason that they have more overheads.
Why not speak directly to the person who is going to be doing the work?

Without the middleman not only will costs be lowered, but I can have a clearer vision of what you need if we talk directly, making it easier for me to deliver the service you are looking for. This direct contact also helps build trust - the cornerstone of any long-lasting business relationship.

How quickly can you work?
My daily output is around 2000 Japanese characters, or 2000 words for French translation. This does depend on the nature of the document, its complexity and other variables such as, document format and legibility.

Just drop me a line or an email and I will give you a better estimate of the likely timescale.

What software do you use?
I use SDL Trados Studio and memoQ translation software tools to ensure terminological consistency and I use Subtitle Workshop for my subtitling work.

What about confidentiality?
I never discuss client specific matters or divulge a client’s information to any third parties nor do I discuss a client's business with colleagues without first receiving their authorization to do so.

I adhere to the ITI's terms for all my work.

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Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

MA in Specialised Translation

SDL Certificated